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Dustproof Respirator filtration media

Product Introduce

TEDA Filters supply filter media for face masks andrespirators, which are divided into two main applications: surgical use andlabor-protective use. Our media for surgical masks  meet to EN14683, BFE 99% above and PFE 99%above and VFE 99% above, also. The media for dustproof respirators meetEuropean EN 149:2001 and American NIOSH42 CFR-84, Japanese MOL standard andChinese GB2626 standard. They can be used to manufacture face mask orrespirators for the grades as: European standard FFP1,FFP2,FFP3, and the USStandard N95, N99, N100,R95,R99.



The indestrial laborprotective respirator filter material can be used to manufacture differentranks of dusproof facial mask and apparatus as well as Japan standard DS1 andDS2.

The tester isTSI-8130 @2500px2.

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