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Air Filter Media Industry

2021-06-28 0

Eco-friendly energy-saving air filtration material isanother new product of TEDA Filters. It combined the melt-blown, Corona, andcalendaring into one, thus achieves outstanding properties of high efficiency,large dust-collecting capacity, and low resistance.TEDA Filters HEPA airfiltration material composited with melt-blown and stiff substrate media, hassuccessfully replaced glass-fiber filtration material to be widely used byhospitals, bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers, and chemical fiber manufacturersfor their air filtration needs.TEDA Filters mid-efficiency filtration materialuses the technology of melt-blown dual component structure which gives largedust-collecting capacity, low-resistance. It meets the up-to-date EuropeanStandards EN 779:2012. Specially designed forHEPA vacuum cleaner filter, TEDAFilters adopts unique superfine fiber and coronatechnologyto attain higher filtration efficiency. This particular material has passed mediumdetection of DEHS by "IBR"companies in the United States, to reach the HEPA Grade according to thestandard IEST RP CC001.5.

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