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Liquid Filtration Media(micro grade)

Product Introduce

TEDA Filters offerliquid filter material from coarse to micro filtration grade. For the coarsegrade, the pore sizes are from 20~60 micron. And the pore sizes can beavailable from 0.5 micron to 10 micron for the micro-grade filtration. The rollwidth can be as wide as 1.1M, to ensure that our liquid filtration media can besuitable for all filter cartridges with 10~40 inches height. The newlydeveloped II-Series products made from sub-micron meltblown fiber (diameter<1um),  are featured with higher airpermeability, bigger liquid flux, higher filtration accuracy, that can offerlonger term of filtration life and be more energy-saving .  The liquid filtration material can be widelyused in the following industries and applications: Biopharmaceuticals,food&beverage industries, brewing, liquor-making, water-treatment, chemicalindustry, etc. 



The thickness is measured under the pressure of7.3PSI(0.5137kg/cm2)

Pass the regulatory requirements of FDA 21-CFR177-1520

Technical specification for liquid filter material.

1. Fhysical properties

Made from 100% PP and without any additives

High filtration efficiency ,big through-put,powerful capacity of dirt holding.

Good resistance to acid and alkali ,non-poison andlong service life

2.Quality control

The diameter of micropore,the most important technical indicator of the product, is tested by TOPASParameter test apparatus which can automatically print out the graph of"differential pore number distribution "We also use the Parameter tomonitor the semi finished products and check the end products in order towarrant the stability and consistency of the materials. Besides Pore size,other technical indicators such as thickness ,Frazier and so on are also testedand monitored strictly. Thus , all the parameters can be controlled accuratelyin different value range to meet the unique requirements of our customers .

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